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Why us?

Further develop and strengthen economic, commercial and trade interactions between Nepal and European countries on mutually beneficial basis.

Act as an effective and reliable mediator who will disseminate up to date and pertinent information and undertake various promotional activities to publicize economic and business opportunities in Nepal and vice-versa.

Utilize diverse skills, expertise, experiences of the members in harnessing human and natural resources for the mutual advantage of Nepal and partners in European countries.

Introduce new technology, new innovation for improving competence of member business establishments and also for increasing quality standards of products and services.

Work to improve important relevant national and international issues such as improving quality of public health and education standards, safer environment, sustainable development, poverty alleviation, improvement of status of women and children, human rights etc.

Conduct related workshop / seminars on a regular basis.

Capacity building of the Nepalese workforce, entrepreneurs, farmers and civil society in the context of globalization and liberalization.

Arrange business delegation to Europe / from Europe.

Be a team player in socio economic development of the country.

Facilitate in the peace process of the country.

Implementing successful microfinance in conflict areas.