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Special Projects

Establishment of Nepal – European Business Point

  • Display of Business Brochures and Samples of EU suppliers
  • Profile of European Suppliers
  • Matchmaking between Buyers and Suppliers
  • Display of Samples & Brochures of Nepalese Products that could be marketed in EU with priority to small and medium scale producers and also producers from districts.

Business Delegation to New Member States of EU

A 10-member Chamber Delegation comprised of Small & Medium Scale Enterprises will go to selected New Member States of EU (Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia) for making market study and making new business contacts.

Skill Utilization of conflict displaced artists / craftsmen

Lots of skilled people in Nepal have been displaced by the conflict. In that respect, the chamber will conduct a seminar on the subject to come to the solution as to how the business community can support their cause in skill based income generation activities in arts and craftsmanship. Our promoter, Ms. Laxmi Sharma has in principle agreed to provide training programs to 15-20 such people every three months. The products that they produce will be sold on profit sharing basis.

Implementing successful microfinance in conflict areas

The chamber envisages embarking upon resource mobilization activities to implement successful micro finance in conflict hit areas. The research shows that microfinance plays an important role in helping strengthen household coping mechanisms during and after conflict, especially when the microfinance products offered are flexible, convenient and give people easy access to their money. The chamber hopes to create awareness amongst the business community to support this venture.

Conflict Mediation and Dialogue

The chamber hopes to do the followings in cooperation with the European Commission:

  • Contribution to the negotiated political solution of the conflict
  • Support for the implementation of programs for peace and confidence building and programs aiming to fostering a culture of peace

European Week

Member states of the European Union have been one of the largest donor blocks contributing in the development of various sectors in Nepal such as:

Good governance
Infrastructure development
Promotion of private sectors

However, it is felt that Nepalese at large are unaware of the role being played by institutions such as DFID, GTZ, SNV, DANIDA, FINNIDA and SDC in the socio-economic development Nepal. In that respect, to create awareness amongst the Nepalese people a weeklong program is proposed in Kathmandu to highlight the contribution of above mentioned institutions. A weeklong trade fair program will be organized where comprehensive information will be provided to the people.

Besides, European companies / agents wanting to promote their consumer / industrial products in Nepal, travel trade personalities and some European members of press will also be invited to participate at the fair. This will give Nepal a much-needed relief to reposition itself as safe country to visit and do business with.

European missions in Nepal will also be requested to provide, if convenient for them, to provide cultural troupe and cuisine to perform and to be served at the trade fair respectively.